Android Game Hack: A Short Overview – Tools of the Trade

The Era of Android Game Hack, has come a long way before it was first discovered. Android games in particular has a surge in popularity even among youngsters alike.

There is much to discuss about android game hacks and its wide plethora of tools available both online and offline. However, let us first delve deeper into android and its history.

android photo

android photo



What is Android?

Heck, you might have asked this a hundred times before. What is android? Well, you might say this is my phone, tablet and everything that is mobile.  Well, your guess is correct but according to Android, is a mobile operating system developed by google. Yes, its google my friend.

According to techterms, android is currently based on the linux kernel. Android is currently an open-source software. This means, you and I can build the crap out of it. Apple’s Ios is different, it source is not open to the public. The beauty of android lies on its code, it welcomes aspiring developers and makes them flourish.

It is a well known fact that aspiring android developers can code through, the java SDK. The java SDK is a light weight development program which does not consumes more than 300 megabyte of space.

The History of Android: Throwback Time!

Android, was first released way back 2007. Developers made Its debut. However, it was not that exciting, a few welcomes here and there. Developer’s name was Rubin at that time. Rubin was not that famous, all they really wanted and cared about was to cater/up-sell to camera giants.

Let us, decipher the android history once and for all. But wait, did you know that the android developers had a sweet tooth for naming their android versions. This is trend is also present on Mac Os developers had a love for branding their operating systems with the higher-level cats e.g (cheetah and jaguar).



Brief History of Android Mobile Operating System

Although the development of Android mobile operating system started way back in the year 2003, by Android Inc, its commercial version went in for release in the year 2008. It bore the name Android 1.0 and was well accepted. The gap was perhaps much needed for the android version to go through extensive research so that the public would quickly get to experience the ease of operation that this system allowed in a better way than the rest of the systems that were in operation then. It was also not a system that was simply set for launch only but rather it developed continually giving customers real user’s satisfaction with a definite edge over many of its rivals.

The android history is full of updates of the Android operating system and is the result of both Google and Open Handset Alliance since the commercial operation started. The Android Inc was subsequently taken over by Google. It is also widely accepted that the year 2007 is the real birth date of the Android as it was then the first pubic release of the Android beta was in that year.


The Tools of the Trade:Useful Instruments of Doom and Gloom

Well, you might as well be excited to jump to this section. Maybe because you are eager to explore the unknown realms of game hacking particularly with ios and android platforms.