BATTLE BAY HACK – Cheats Online – Unlimited Pearls and Gold Guide

Battle Bay Hack and Cheats Origin: It’s Humble Beginnings.

Battle Bay is a one of a kind shooting genre which subsides in and out of the sea. Witness greatness with your navy skills!

A Finnish company that had made name in the past by launching Angry Birds is back again with a fun, challenging real-time arena multiplayer game called Battle bay. It is a PVP multiplayer game created by Rovio Entertainment Oyj. It was globally launched on 4th may 2017.

Five captains battle in a minute’s match to go the distance before all the boats are reduced to burning shipwrecks. Sugar is the in-game currency that is rewarded in battles and as daily bonus. It is essential for equipment upgrades and the amount of sugar a player can possess is based upon the player’s captain level. Entice in this Battle bay hack article will assist you into the arena game.

battle bay wallpaper from battle bay

World of Battle Bay

The various realms are – the Foundy, Fighthouse, Chill Zone, Destruct 9, Wayward pains, Gorge, Crude, Crash N’ Burn, Subzero, Awakenings, Dropdead and Subzero.

The crew members are – Sinklair, Swift, Bhurt, Dr. Buzzkill, Blastian, Mortimer, Burnice, Brock, Feelix and Isak.

The different shifts are – Enforcer, speeded, fixer, speeder and shooter.

The gameplay is really simple, like sinking ships and win gold and sugar as rewards. As an active player, you can expect a five-digit if you complete a quest.

It is recommended to log in to the game every day to collect rewards and the good part if you log into the game seven days a row, you’ll receive a crate items and stuffs.

Tips and tricks

Battle bay has a lot of play methods – different armour, weapons, ships, guilds, abilities, quest, items, etc. These tricks will guide you to be a master of the arena game.

  • Use auto aim to improve distance shooting and to effectively take down enemy.
  • Master the controls and avoid rough waves and the red circle.
  • When a huge wave is nearing and there is an enemy sight, shoot and swiftly use the waves to get away, thus the waves serve as companions. It is also helpful to get cover and to push on enemies for a better shot.
  • There are five different ships, so it’s best to know every ships role and get habituated with these ships and use the weapon cool down tricks. If timing is perfect, two different weapons can shoot consecutively.
  • Use the fallen enemies as additional covers and collect those free crates.
  • Keep upgrading the ship and weapons to be ahead of the rest. Upgrade the ship’s capabilities, by buying new parts and crates from the shop.
  • Play in daily battle bonus to collect reward for just playing, play up to three times a day.
  • Avoid getting too close to teammates ships to prevent being taken down by the enemies area-of-effects firearms.
  • Regroup and focus fire to be strategically at an advantage over the enemies.
  • Check out for the achievements section and play every day.

Cheats & hacks

This game can be hacked and many players have exploited this game by using speed hack. The Battle bay hack available on zesthack and pinterest will aid you to get all the resources for ease game play.