PUBG MOBILE HACK – Online Cheats – Unlimited UC and Battle Points

Pubg Mobile Hack and Cheats Origin: It’s Humble Beginnings.

Pubg is a one of a kind shooting game packed with intelligent graphics and crisp game play. Intense gaming is what it showcases.

To begin, many of the die-hard pubg players around the world may not know this simple fact that the 8 X 8 km battleground, Erangel is the name of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S daughter. In recent years, battleroyale games have enticed gamers from all over the world and in this way, several games like Fortnite and PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has turn up to be a success.

More Info

Pubg mobile is developed and published by Tencent games. It is available on multiple platforms. Pubg mobile hack is a tough operation to be executed as the watchful software system takes care of possible hacks. The software system is known as BattlEye. It raises the security level and provides a shield in the vicinity of the game. If any player is caught cheating and using hacks, the player’s data will be erased and his account will be banned

In the game, a total of one hundred players participate in singles or a multiplayer mode. The players are dropped in Erangel and the match last for 30 minutes. Players have to loot, survive and kill other players to make it through for chicken dinner. Cheat game guides with zesthack.

Players who are engage damage to their own teammates risk to lower their merit points. If merit points below 60, player will be able to join any duo or squad matches.

fan art from deviantart credits to maker

fan art from deviantart

Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the tricks that you can use ASAP –

  1. Players can hide in the green bushes and use bandages to repair their health or to take down an opponent out of the blue.
  2. The right way to jump and land fast: mark the landing spot to regroup before jumping, scout for enemies while descending.
  3. Do not shoot randomly to prevent enemies locate your position, it is mostly important when the circle is small. Take cover and shoot at enemies.
  4. Enable peek & fire ability from the settings.
  5. Stay close to your friends, use a good pair of headphones and communicate with teammates. Playing as a team together will prevent severe mishaps, as staying in close proximity will save the squad’s live from potential danger.
  6. Run in zig zag motions when getting snipped, never stop moving, even while looting enemies as staying stationery for a long time will increase chance of being snipped.
  7. Use a suppressor to prevent being spotted by enemies.
  8. To experience lag free gaming, it is suggested to have a strong internet connection.
  9. Use grenade and Molotov cocktails effectively to caste damage to opponents.
  10. Use the right weapons, like a UZI with an extended mag and a suppressor will be very effective for close range fights. For snipping, it is recommended to use the AVM, otherwise an SKS with a 6x or 8x scope is good enough.


As seen, the Pubg mobile hack is very effective for winning a chicken dinner coupled with the skills and proper strategy. It is advisable not to try the in-game hacks like running fast, high jump hacks so to prevent from getting your account banned by Pubg.